Man Push Cart

The film Man Push Cart follow the struggles of Ahmad Razvi trying to make it in a cut throat world after moving to New York from Pakistan. After his wife dies he s unable to provide for his son so he sends hime to live with his in-laws. He does everything he can to make money so he can bring his son back, but until then he spends his life running his pushcart. Like the book he mentions in the film he keeps getting pushed  back down the hill he is trying to climb. Just after his final payment on his cart, when he can start earning money, he briefly leaves his cart to buy a recorder from another vendor and when he returns his cart has been stolen. This is a wake up call that people only care about themselves and he has to protect what he has and only trust himself.

One day a man, Mohammad, offers Razvi money to paint his apartment, thinking he looked familiar. When he was working he realized that his intuition was true and Razvi was a famous pop singer from Pakistan who had to move here to escape his family and provide a better life for his wife and son. Mohammad introduces him to Noemi, a woman he becomes attracted to, and her to him, but considering the circumstances he can’t pursue anything.

This film is so raw which makes it so powerful and meaningful. The director uses minimal direction so he can capture his life in the most realistic way. You experience the emotions as he is and the pain is so real. The honesty of the film makes it hard to watch at times because no one wants to watch someone suffer. The movies are usually a place to go for forget the bad going on in the world, but that seems kind of ignorant. We need to educate ourselves about his and realize that is always going to be this pain and struggle around us.



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