We never know how the world is going to exist in the far future, let alone what is going to happen tomorrow. Everyday there is new technology and inventions that challenges our intellect and the way we function in society. And because it is unknown it can be scary to talk about. We constantly hear that we are destroying the world and what we do today will affect the world for many years whether good or bad. Playtime is a film that shows what the director and probably people of the time thought the future was going to appear. Paris was all high rise building made of only glass and steel, structured and stiff furniture, and everything was minimal. This futuristic Paris looked almost nothing like the Paris we know today. The story mainly followed two people in Paris, an American woman on a group tour of Paris and confused Frenchman trying to find his way in this modern Paris. Both of these characters were very lost trying to find their way. The lack of speech in the movie added the way they were lost in a new world.

This was pretty much a silent film in the way that no one really had any conversations. Most of the sound came from the futuristic machines and the bustling cars on the multi lane roads and their movements throughout Paris. Because these were the only sounds in the film, it emphasized how technology is taking over in the future. This has been a common theme in many of the films we have watched thus far in the course. The sounds made the main themes of film more powerful and left a strong impact on the audience of how we treat our world. One scene that makes the audience notice this is when the American woman is being directed back into the hotel when she catches a glimpse of the Eiffel Tower in the reflection of the glass door. Instead of seeing the actual structure, there is only the reflection representing that we are forgetting the history of where we come from. It is only a distant memory at this point.

The director of Playtime tried to make a colored film that appeared as black and white with many shades of grays, blacks and greens. It made this world look so uniform and uniform, uninteresting like the way the people lived in the world. They were stuck into such a routine way of life focused on work that they don’t enjoy the beauty of the world the way they should.


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