Citizen Kane

Those who think they know what they need in life to be happy are going to disappointed. The beginning scene in the movie shows Charles Foster in the castle far away from any other civilization that he builds for his wife, in bed alone. He whispers his last word, “Rosebud” and drops a snow globe with a small little house as he dies. At the end of he movie, you realize that that is what his dream was, to be in the bouse the was born in with his sled.

Unlike in the Movie Modern Times, which glorified the idea of the American Dream, Citizen Kane did quite the opposite. Life is harsh reality that nothing can be simple and perfect. Ina flashback, Kane is shown as a child playing in the snow with a sled appearing to be living the American Dream. However, just inside his parents are signing the papers to give him away to a wealthy Mr. Thatcher. Mr. Thatcher gives him anything a boy could ask for; a great education, luxurious life, and a massive fortune. We later see him with his wife and child who, to the public look absolutely perfect, but what people couldn’t see was that he was having an affair and had his job as the main priority in his life. A series of time at their dining table was shown in which everyday he acted less interested in their marriage. His main love was his work. In another marriage with the singer, he built her an Opera House, hired a voice coach, built her a castle, and although it looked like a dream, they were miserable.

Money doesn’t buy happiness.  A line in the movie that sticks out is when Kane says, “If I wasn’t rich I think I would have been a better man.” Money is power and an easy way to corrupt people and the relationships they have with those around them. Charles Kane is too concerned with the materialistic items in the world. He becomes obsessed with collecting statues from around the world, leaving his very little space in his life to fit anything else.

Charles Kane was unable to experience happiness in his own life so he made it a living to ruin the lives of others. Kane takes complete control of a newspaper, The Inquirer, and contrived false stories about people in order to sell the most papers. He is so concerned with selling the most papers and making the most money, he sacrifices the people around him, who are supposed to love, yet as many re-telling the story say, he only loved himself. He first tells the papers to publish the story of his love affair with the “singer.” This devastated his current wife and son, embarrasses the singer, and shows how rotten of a man he could be. After the opening night of his next wife’s Opera, his finds his partner passed out writing a horrible story about her and instead of changing it, he continues to write horrible things that he publishes on the front page.  He lives a hollow and shallow life that started with everything being given to him with a silver spoon. He experienced traveling the world, great schools, and anything he would ask for. He was cut short of the life he really wanted which was in the snow globe he broke in as he passed away.


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