Flying planes, fast cars, and expensive skyscrapers fascinate and distract society from the natural beauty of the world. The film Metropolis is a message to the people of the time that if we keep living like we are, depending so much on technology, we are destroying our world. We fall into routines of going to work, coming home, going to bed and we are turning into the machine that is created in this film. And even though this film was made 84 years ago, the ideas are still the same today. We are so caught up in these advances and acting like robots we aren’t seeing the harm that is happening to our world.

The sets in the movie Metropolis depicted a Utopian world with futuristic and fantastical themes. Each set helps the audience understand the social structure of this city. When we first see Freder, he is in large, lush gardens with many manicured grass, trees and flowers and beautiful fountains. It looks like something that can only be dreamt about and shows how he is privileged and unaware of the real world. Once he leaves his home which towers above the working class of people the audience sees him in a place that is crowed with massive machinery. It is very dark and dreary, the complete opposite of the place he had just come from.

Freder starts the movie in a crisp white outfit with puffy pants. His clothing makes him look like a naïve child with women in very detailed and intricate dresses surrounding him. It shows the wealth he has and pride taken in their appearance. The fact that he is the only character in white in the whole movie makes him stand out. The color white usually represents purity and innocence, which is how his character is portrayed in the beginning. Once he trades places with one of the workers his innocence leaves him as he is now in all black. All of the workers are dressed in all black jumpsuits that take away their identity. Having them all be dressed the same way shows how the rulers of the metropolis oppress them. They are viewed more as one than individual people. The Machine Man outfit is very key to the whole idea of the movie. It represented the technological advances in the world that are a main reason for the coming of the apocalypse. The idea of this robot is something new to the audience of the time of the film.


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